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Our LEAD (Leadership Evangelism and Discipleship) programs are designed to challenge and guide youth in knowing God while gaining a practical understanding of what life looks like following Jesus. It also includes learning to serve in community, having fun in community living, as well as countless opportunities for growing in each participant’s leadership skills.


The Deckhand program is a 2 week program and is for young people going into grade 10 & 11. This program is structured around 3 pillars: getting to know Jesus, servant leadership and a life of adventure. In Deck handing you’ll meet together for sessions, serve in the dish pit, and go on adventures as a group.


Crew serve daily behind the scenes, cleaning the camper cabins and public washrooms, but also assisting in leading a cabin. Over the course of the month, they develop their leadership skills, learning how to be counsellors, assisting with games, kitchen, and maintenance, and sharing their faith in “Crew Talks” with campers.

Dates and Rates

Applications will open on January 13, 2024.  Please note that this is not a first come, first served system (like campers). After you fill out your application, you will be emailed a link to set up an interview time.

Summer Schedule
Deckhand #1 July 1 – 15Registration will open on January 13, 2024 $865 + GST
Deckhand #2July 15 – 25Registration will open on January 13, 2024 $865 + GST
Deckhand #3July 29 – August 12Registration will open on January 13, 2024 $865 + GST
Deckhand #4August 12 – 26Registration will open on January 13, 2024 $865 + GST
Crew #1July 1 – 25Registration will open on January 13, 2024 $1790 + GST
Crew #2July 29 – August 26 Registration will open on January 13, 2024 $1790 + GST

A Typical Day at Keats

Being a Deckhand or Crew means:

Learning to Serve. Each day will have opportunities to serve around the camp, whether that be doing dishes, cleaning bathrooms and cabins, or serving meals.

Learning about God. Along with attending Watch with campers, LEAD participants will have session times of their own with their leaders to dig deeper into their faith. One-to-ones, small groups, and Deckhand / Crew only sessions give everyone a chance to explore, to ask questions, and to understand more about God.

Having fun. Each day will have free time, where you can join any activity, head to Mariners Inn for a treat, or just hang out with your friends.


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    Do I have to have done the Deckhand program to join Crew?
    No. Although the Crew program builds on the Deckhand program, you don’t have to have attended it.
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    I registered for Deckhand or Crew but it says I am waitlisted. What happens next?
    AllDeckhands and Crew are automatically waitlisted. You will receive an email to sign up for an interview with our Program Team. After the interviews are completed, we will notify all those chosen to participate and register them.

Camps fill up fast!

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