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There is so much pressure to compare yourself to other people and conform or look the way that the media is telling you is the only right way to look. I would spend every day looking in the mirror, saying to myself ‘this is wrong’ and ‘that’s bad.’


Charli came to Keats struggling to love herself. She heard from society that she wasn’t enough, and she struggled with self-doubt and self-image. She was stuck.

At Keats, Charli discovered that she was loved and accepted. She was able to step away from the media and societal expectations and learn how to belong, be herself, and live her life without fear.

Keats changed Charli’s life and this is just the beginning. By supporting Keats, you can help impact the lives of other kids like Charli.

This week only, every dollar given will be matched up to


Keats Camp strives to be a place that allows kids to just be kids

Keats has been a foundational part of kids’ lives since 1926. Coming to life during the summer months, Keats hosts almost 2000 campers, staff, and guests every year. Campers have the opportunity to participate in wakeboarding, high ropes, zipline, sailing, campfires, building friendships, and life-changing experiences.

We are inviting you to help Keats continue to provide a fun and safe environment where campers and staff can grow, belong, gain self-confidence, and learn important life skills that will help them in all walks and stages of life.

Colorful kayaks lined up alongisde a dock on a beautiful lake.

More than ever before, we need donations from people like you to help Keats continue to be a place for kids to be accepted and loved for who they are.

Each donation makes a tangible difference in the lives of kids and teens by allowing us to keep our facilities running, replace our equipment, and send more kids to camp. This week only, every dollar given will be matched up to $25,000.

Keats Camps is a registered charity. All charitable donations to Keats Camps are tax receiptable in Canada.
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